One Sem: Team

Ben Piven


Ben has spent over a decade as a journalist for Al Jazeera and other outlets. With extensive experience in the languages and societies of the Middle East, the Baltimore native was a Fulbright Scholar in cultural geography. He studied digital media at Columbia University School of Journalism.

Avishay Zelmanovich


Avishay is a tech entrepreneur and scholar of Middle Eastern cultures and Jewish history. Being fluent in Hebrew and English helped him translate the complexities of the original version of our cookbook. Born in Kibbutz Na’an but raised in New York, he bridges the American and Israeli cultural landscapes.


Hashem Said


Experienced content developer and social media expert for news and public affairs websites.

Alein Haddad


Social worker, humanitarian, and mother of 2 talented children who speak more languages than anyone.

Ephraim Isaac


Erudite polyglot and scholar of the Semitic world, with roots in Ethiopia and Yemen.

Naomi Kohen


Teacher and scientist with the ability to dig deep into the problems that surround us.

Erez Safar


Gifted producer, DJ, gallerist, and trailblazing founder of the Sephardic Music Festival.

Benny Sedaka


Elder of his people, historian, prolific author, and head of the Israelite Samaritan Information Center.

Josh Stanton


Spiritual leader at East End Temple, committed activist, and passionate blogger.

Iris Zaki


Documentary filmmaker who explores the complexities of societal fault lines.

Yousef Khalifa


Education and social policy expert with extensive regional experience and scholarship.

Nour Chamoun


Graphics prodigy with a feel for typographic brilliance and the passion of a revolutionary.